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A professional study tool for your students

Institution access for all students and instructors. Made available as a school library resource.

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Receive unlimited access to all content, including 500+ visuals, 300+ terms, and 300+ test prep quiestions.

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Private and secure access to all content on any smart device, anytime, and anywhere.

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All students, faculty, and administrators receive unlimited access using valid school credentials (i.e.


FOR LIBRARIES: Receive statistical reporting for planning, developing, and evaluating usage.

Better studying for all

Students study by watching short and engaging videos on high-yield music topics, all written and verified by experts.

Library resource

How to make AdagioX a library resource

1. Contact your librarian

In most cases, your library funds this resource. Please go to your departmental library and ask to speak to the library liaison. Use the following script verbatim:

"I use the study resource in my classroom, and I would like for it to be a library resource for my students."

2. Setup begins

Library liaison/staff contacts AdagioX, acquires license for access to e-content, and completes the integration process.

3. Access begins

Library liaison contacts you and students to inform you of access. All students receive quick, easy and secure access to all AdagioX e-content 24/7, anywhere.

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