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AdagioX is a revolutionary learning tool that helps music students easily remember critical music information. Learn how we help you achieve higher test scores pass your classes.

Never forget again.

AdagioX was founded in 2020 when music students, professional artists, and a musicology professor came together with the revolutionary idea to rethink how music students learn, study, and retain critical information.


Today, our method of learning is proven to...


  • Increase retention levels in students by 83%

  • Increase student test scores by 91%

  • Engage students 93% more


  • Make music teachers' jobs 100% easier!

AdagioX saved me time, money, and stress. I never knew studying could be so easy!

Frankie B.


Subject and course offerings.

Music History

  • Western Classical

  • American Popular

  • World Music

Music Terms

  • A-Z

Music Theory

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